“Life  is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”….John Lennon

Your LifePath is before you. There will be many influences and instances that will ultimately determine your direction. Some of these elements will be foreseeable, and some unfortunately may not. Stantins can assist you in planning a sound  financial future with your goals in mind and you  keep you and your hard earned money together.

Some people have everything but fun….



“Details matter….its worth taking time to get it right”….Steve Jobs

Proper financial management is the key to survival in a tough economic environment. When  you navigate with Stantins along  the  BusinessPath, you will have comfort in the knowledge that your corporate taxation and corporate structure are effectively managed.

Lets go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday…



“Where there is love there is Life”….Mahatma Ghandi

You will spend  your life working , earning, educating, providing, employing, mentoring, parenting, partnering and planning. EstatePath will help you continue to grow in wealth, protect your assets and provide you with the security that sound investment has afforded you. EstatePath is key to stabilising your finances into the future, and that your working life has provided you with lifestyle choices and your capital  can sustain you and your family.

Love your life….


Financial Planning

Financial Planning’ by definition is a comprehensive evaluation of an investor’s current and future state by evaluating considered variables. These include cash flow, asset value, exit strategies for retirement, tax liabilities, current worth, estate plans and personal lifestyle goals.

There is no specific template, that’s why at Stantins we take a holistic approach and work closely with you  so that we can provide fluidity with and when changes occur.

Be prudent, prepared and positive.


Find Finance

“Go forward without fear”….Abraham Lincoln

Stantins Finance Mortgage Broking is a service that provides you with a comprehensive comparison of lending in current markets.  If you are considering borrowing, and need professional and considered advice, we can provide the assurance which is backed with over 20 years of Financial Service.

Stantins Finance Broking will simplify your borrowing, and make the transition into your financial future seamless.

Fear not…Finance is freedom



Emma and James wish to use their Superannuation to purchase a residential property, valued @ $500,000. They currently hold $200,000 in their fund, and need to calculate borrowings and risk. If they apply for a loan, how does the investment work and what decisions are to be made? Stantins can transition you into a better and considered understanding of the advantages on offer. Please feel free to call us on (03) 9947 5016.