Stantins is an innovative, forward-thinking firm that is redefining what it means to go and see your advisor, we deliver a fully integrated service which creates a unique client experience which is all about the client and their needs – Advisory 301



Stantins has been providing high-level, sought-after accounting and financial advice for over 30 years.  

Partners Spiros Livadaras, Kostas Livadaras, Leonie Ladgrove and Russell Walsh lead a team of dedicated and motivated professional staff, who comprise a quality, integrated unit that is dedicated to providing consistent results and outperforming individual specialists.

From day one, we take a holistic approach to our clients’ circumstances, with their long-term goals in mind.

We maintain a high level of engagement and communication with our clients.  Our relationships are long-standing and based on a level of trust and understanding that goes above and beyond to ensure an all-bases-covered approach to our clients’ various needs.

Our “301” service model enables us to be responsive, innovative, nimble and effective.
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