Buying a PROPERTY with BORROWINGS and your Self Managed Superfund.

Emma and James wish to use their Superannuation to purchase a residential property, valued @ $500,000. They currently hold $200,000 in their fund, and need to calculate borrowings and risk. If they apply for a loan, how does the investment work and what decisions are to be made? Stantins can transition you into a better and considered understanding of the advantages on offer. Please feel free to call us on (03) 9947 5016.

Financial Services made simple.

Stantins Finance Mortgage Broking is a service that provides you with a comprehensive comparison of lending in current markets.  If you are considering borrowing, and need professional and considered advice, we can provide the assurance which is backed with over 20 years of Financial Service.

Stantins Finance Broking will simplify your borrowing, and make the transition into your financial future seamless.

Fear not…Finance is freedom