Your child’s  education is enduring. Financial support can continue long after school is over.

Your child may undertake Secondary College, University and perhaps further  private studies.

Can your level of income and constraints on your earnings cover the cost of the longevity of education? There are….boarding fees, excursion fees, books. levies, tuition and even the Debutante Ball…

Planning for the future of your child’s educational future can raise many concerns:

  • When to start saving?
  • How much can I save and contribute?
  • What type of investments and/or strategy do I need and when?
  • HECS bills
  • Am I well equipped for job loss, disability, and even death?

Many or any of these scenarios can present at any time and good planning with expert advice will take the burden from your ‘Financial Backpack’.

The Stantins Team can assist you.

Stantins – your lifestyle is our goal.